Greetings From The President

Dear Friends,

We welcome you with all our heart to Centro Andaluz De Barakaldo. We are really obliged with all the support that you have given. There is a new project going on at Centro Andaluz and we are happy to invite you to be a part of this new project or a change as we may say. With the technological advances the world is making and the barricades being removed, we might soon be launching this cultural program into the whole world.

Currently our institution is under going a big time modernization and with this modernization, we are expecting to put our cultural institution in a spotlight. We can offer better programs and wider programs and reach out to more and more number of people across the world. This modernization is going to be a costly affair but if this means bigger and better success then we are happy to face it no matter the challenge.

We also thank all our dance groups like El Rocio and Romero for their continued success in supporting us and many other partners and people for their support and love. We are going to continue to improve and do better with our programs as we move forward to the next version of Centro Andaluz de Barakaldo. Check out the sweet video of 50th Anniversary of Barakaldo center.

The History

The center of Barakaldo was founded by a group of people who once were forced to migrate to some place else with their family and children in search of a better life. The center was created in 1959 to help the people economically and social support. The people were in need of jobs and money and other support and this center aimed to provide all this to them.

As of today the migration problem has been solved and there is no such problem, this center has been converted into a culture and musical center that provides entertainment for people to relax, enjoy and connect with their friends, family and their own cultural background. We have a lot of folk activity in and around the center with various dance groups that with their performances tries to connect with the people of this culture and even people outside of the culture.

The center’s biggest aim is to connect people from different types of places and culture together into one. This connection is aimed for prosperity and harmony.